Why Money Mastery?

The Money Mastery® System will show how you can:

  • Find an extra $300 (on average) each month you are wasting so you can stop living paycheck-to-paycheck.
  • Eliminate ALL debt (your mortgage included) in one-third the time, saving thousands in interest expense.
  • Create a PREDICTABLE retirement that you can't outlive.
  • Legally and ethically reduce your tax liability by up to 50%
  • Never argue with your partner about money again -- improve family security and emotional well being.

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Available Tools

We consider these "must-haves" for any person regardless of their financial situation.

  • My Education

    My Education is an online interactive learning tool that brings over 20 years of valuable educational content created by the Money Mastery professionals to your fingertips.

    Unlimited access to a wealth of information on how to manage personal finances.

    Learn to systematically control spending pay down debt, and maximze savings.

    Interactive tasks and assignments help you solve pressing financial problems and immediately apply proven principles to your individual circumstances.

    Step-by-step learning modules track your progress and let you study at your own pace.

    My Education teaches you online what other so-called financial "experts" will never tell you. Use this valuable learning tool to get in complete control financially so you can build wealth on ANY income.

  • My Money Plan

    My Money Plan is an online interactive tool that lets you...

    Track and control day-to-day spending.

    Create plans to pay off debt the quickest with the least amount of interest.

    Establish a retirement plan that will create a fund you cannot outlive.

    Develop a tax strategy to pay only what is legally and ethically required.

    My Money Plan helps you design a "master" financial plan so you can systematically manage your spending debt, savings, retirement, and taxes--all at the same time - to create wealth on ANY income.

  • My Coach

    You've got financial questions and we've got the answers, whenever you need them, with the My Coach online mentoring feature.

    My Coach lets you.

    Have unlimited online access to a personal Money Mastery Coach.

    Send private email questions that will be answered privately by phone or email.

    Receive answers quickly, within 1 business day.

    Get valuable financial information tailored specifically to your particular needs.

    My Coach is a fast and easy way to get personalized answers to your most pressing financial questions. Take advantage of this valuable opportunity to learn directly from the experts what you personally need to know to build wealth on ANY income.


All of our tools are available on the go....yea, we have an app :)


Would you like to be our next success story?

  • “ Debt-free and Money Left Over at the End of the Month.”

    ~ Tom & Sara Jorgensen

  • “ I paid off my school loans in under 2 years.”

    ~ Lauren Reese

  • “ We truly believe the Money Mastery® program has been a lifesaver to us.”

    ~ Chuck & Linda Berlinger

  • “ We are happy to say the only debt we now have is our mortgage.”

    ~ Michelle & Burke Wren

  • “ I am releived beyond expectation to have for the first time ever, a plan.”

    ~ Kim Burton


Trying to solve your financial problems shouldn't cost more

$19.95 monthly
Gives you access to:

Hundreds of online personal financial management classes.

The My Money Plan software/interactive financial planning tool.

The Money Mastery online Community

Unlimited Online access to your own Money Mastery Coach.  

*billed $199.50 annually or $19.95 monthly
$279.00 monthly
Gives you access to:

One-on-one live coaching with your personal Money Mastery Coach

Hundreds of online personal financial management classes

The My Money Plan software/interactive financial planning tool

The Money Mastery online Community


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